Méthodes de validation statistique des tests

Our Methods - Psychometric and statistical validation of the tests

All psychometric tests have been designed and developed by our R & D comprised of psychologists from various affiliations (BPS - British psychological society, French psychological association..), backgrounds (occupational, educational..) and cultures (European, American and Asian).

Online-Psychometrics has stressed on 3 essential qualities : the validity, accuracy and reliabilty of the tests.


Validity refers to what characteristic the test measures and how well the test measures that characteristic. Validity estimates tells us if the characteristics being measured by a test are related to the requirements of an assessment situation.

Validity gives meaning to the test scores. Validity evidence indicates that there is linkage between test performance and job performance. It can tell as to what one may conclude or predict about someone from his or her score on the test.

If a test has been demonstrated to be a valid predictor of performance on a specific job, one can conclude that people scoring high on the test are more likely to perform well on the job than people who score low on the test, other things being equal. Validity also describes the degree to which one can make specific conclusions or predictions about people based on their test scores. In other words, it indicates the usefulness of the test.


Il s'agit de vérifier que les différents items utilisés pour évaluer chacun des traits du questionnaire sont cohérents les uns avec les autres, c'est-à-dire s'il existe une bonne homogénéité dans l'évaluation d'un facteur. Ainsi, chaque dimension du questionnaire a été analysée suivant les coefficients Alpha de Chronbach.

D'autre part, afin de garantir la stabilité temporelle des résultats, les candidats ont été invités à passer les tests une deuxième fois à quelques semaines d’intervalle de la première passation.


Reliability refers to how dependably or consistently a test measures a characteristic. If a person takes the test again, will he or she get a similar test score, or a much different score? A test that yields similar scores for a person who repeats the test is said to measure the characteristic reliably.

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